The mission, the motive, and our main programs.

Our Mission

1) Equip the future with the skills to build products in startups and industry.

We're more than a group of "entrepreneurship enthusiasts"—we mean to help build the future. No matter what one's preference is for company size and culture, product development skills are in demand. Recruiters love to see side projects and proof of working within teams. A lot of our structures, values, and internal processes stem from our team's collective experience at firms like these.

2) Encourage personal development of an entrepreneurial mindset.

We believe this is beneficial regardless of one's desire to start a company. It's no secret that our campus, UC Berkeley, is home to a huge amount of startup and industry talent—just look at the numbers of alum flocking to "big-N" tech firms and Silicon Valley. But who will innovate outside of the classroom, take smart risks in their youth, and take ownership of what they work on?

3) Be the center of interdisciplinary product development at our campuses.

Historically, it has been the combination of students from varying backgrounds with a common goal that has driven the most successful projects. This is the thesis behind Convergent's founding; the more interdisciplinary, the better.

Our Programs

Incubator Program

Our incubator program helps young entrepreneurs flesh out business ideas in a collaborative setting. Our build teams are the core membership base of Convergent at Berkeley. Cal students from different backgrounds and majors form teams to work on semester long projects. Under the guidance of experienced leads, students learn to build and design tech prototypes, business proposals, and pitches.

Applications are released in the beginning of every semester, all experience levels are welcome! Join our emailing list or Facebook page to get notified when applications are released.

Accelerator Program

The Accelerator program lets us expand our passion for building technical products by working internally with aspiring founders; we help to expedite growth of existing companies with a minimum viable product (MVP). Our program connects founders to engineers and product managers to help build out, add features to, and scale different products. Our team will help with the technical and business development of your startup, so you can take it to the next level.


The Accelerator is a semester long program offered during the Fall and Spring. We welcome students of all majors, classes, and experience levels to apply.